PODCAST: Interview with Telecom Reseller

Clear launches blockchain-powered settlement and clearing solution for global industries: Interview with Clear CEO & Telecom Reseller

Excellent interview (10 minutes) with Clear CEO Gal Hochberg and Don Witt of Telecom Reseller. Original post here.

Gal covers:

  • How Clear is enabling flexible, efficient and secure B2B trade across global industries, starting with telecommunications
  • Current inter-company trade & settlement processes and how they hinder the development and delivery of new products and services
  • The difference between centralized and distributed databases (blockchain)
  • How blockchain can help safeguard relationships and information, without giving control to a third party
  • How Clear is using blockchain technologies to build settlement and clearing solutions for telecom that automate inter-carrier trade and enforcement (in IDD Voice, Roaming, Bandwidth on Demand, and more)
  • Clear’s Bandwidth on Demand Proof of Concept, and how it enables the commercialization of next generation products and services (cloud, VR, IoT and more)