Clear’s Product

Clear is a secure blockchain-powered settlement and clearing network solution for global industries.


Clear uses blockchain technology to speed up intra-industry settlement times and reduce costs, while maintaining control, privacy, and a high level of assurance.

Real-time verification and automatic dispute resolution reduces settlement time, decreases risk, and streamlines payment

Internet-Scale Technology
  • Settle in near real-time
  • Respond and make changes on-demand
  • Coordinate between many parties
  • Provide a rapidly updating consistent global source of truth
  • Enable efficient cross border global payments with low fees using eSDR
  • Ensure transparency and privacy using zero knowledge proofs

Industry-wide networks provide a source of truth for entire cross-company processes, automating existing work, and enabling new types of product

Programmable Smart Contracts
  • Support current and future business models and terms
  • Enable simple and complex products
  • Allow independent innovation by partners
  • Are easily updatable and adaptable

Encryption and blockchain technologies ensure all proprietary data and transactions are secure and confidential.

Decentralized & Cryptography-based
  • Creates trusted relationships between untrusted parties
  • Highly available and robust
  • Neutral
  • Cryptographic security & privacy


Our proprietary blockchain technology delivers the highest assurance, privacy, and performance in the industry.

Scalable Multilayer Blockchain

Clear integrates a shared blockchain with smart contracts, 2nd layer storage, and generalized state channel implementations, which allows the vast majority of transactions and data to be transacted directly between parties with only a limited number reaching the shared network.

This allows Clear's network to combine enterprise capacity - high transaction and data volumes- with blockchain proof and security.

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Private Zero Knowledge Proofs

Clear developed protocol implementations based on zero knowledge proofs and other mathematical methods that enable the network to verify the correctness of participants’ transactions and statements without exposing the proprietary information contained in the transactions. This allows for a truly decentralized network which acts as a neutral arbiter, without requiring parties to expose their confidential information.

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Tokenization and eSDR

Clear’s network enables pluggable tokenization - the tokenization of existing fiat currencies into eSDR, a tokenized SDR. eSDRs are backed by liquid collateral that resides in multiple financial institutes worldwide, enabling rapid, efficient, and secure global payments with low fees. As mentioned above, zero knowledge proofs ensure that these payments are transparent and private across the network.

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The Clear network enables industries to create token-based business models owned by network members. These business models can provide funds for insurance, operating expenses, and further development of the network.

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